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1494 Old Bridge Street, Granville Island
Vancouver, BC V6H 3S6

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Vancouver's 1st registered new boutique craft distillery, will be known for its innovative and distinctive Ultra Premium Spirits.

Authenticity, quality and heritage are at the heart of The Liberty Distillery's philosophy. A perfect fit alongside the diverse offerings on Granville Island, Vancouver, BC. We strive to be environmentally friendly and socially responsible in all aspects of our spirit production. We're passionate about our craft, creating traditional yet unique spirits that spark the imagination and tantalize the most discerning palates, while reflecting the history of Vancouver and the natural beauty of British Columbia.


We offer many innovative and distinctive Ultra-Premium Spirits including Vodka, Gin, White Whiskey, and other apothecary surprises. For the patient our triple-distilled Whiskey currently maturing in barrel will be available in a few years.

Looking for a special gift? Glassware, bartending tools, something to enhance your 'wet bar', or mixology experience? Our gift boutique has a wide array of items, gadgets and specialty books to provoke your imagination and help serve your cocktails with style.


To be curious, study, and hand craft the finest innovative and unique spirits from quality ingredients using traditional artisan distillation methods that inspire and contribute to the world of spirits.


Our goal is to bring friends and family together to laugh, learn and celebrate life! We have joined the fine spirit revolution and offer an educational experience in" zymology" – the science that deals with distillation.

We look forward to seeing you soon at The Liberty Distillery.


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