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The Amazing New Hair Protection System – Protect & Preserve Your Hair Pieces with The Headcase

The Headcase is the first all-in-one protective case and traveling compartment for hair wigs and extensions.

It’s not a spray, cream or shine to help bring life back to wigs and extensions, but rather a primary protective case that prevents damage where it begins. You can now throw away all those useless products and stop storing your hair in bags and drawers. Now you are able to store your hair the proper way with the Headcase.

The Headcase offers protection and preservation for all hair wigs and extensions, offering the following benefits:

-Protects hair from flattening
-Protects hair from tangling
-Protects hair from dust and lint accumulation
-Protects hairstyle during transportation and cuts down on restyling time
-Preserves hairstyle and body during transportation
-Increases longevity of all hair types

Here’s how it works: The satin-lined case with jaw strings and hair clips for stabilization helps consumers quickly store hair. The three customized designs are suitable for all different types of hair wigs and extensions. You simply put the hair wig or extensions in the Headcase and secure it with the jaw string or clips, and then zip it shut. You’re ready to go! The Headcase also comes with a specific hanger for storage of multiple hair wigs and extension pieces at one time.

The Headcase also protects hair wigs and extensions during travel in suitcases or kit bags. You can style these wigs and extensions before placing them into the Headcase, and the compartment will protect their form. This saves you the time and hassle of restyling hair once you’ve reached your destination.

Protecting consumers of hair wigs & extensions

Imagine storing your hair for as long as you want without having to bring it back to life afterward. Now imagine styling your hair and storing it in a Headcase, then taking a flight for a wedding or another special occasion. When you arrive, your hair is just the way you styled it days or even weeks ago. This convenience is now all yours!

A direct result of the Headcase is that you now have the protection you need to manage your hair wigs and extensions. It saves you time and money because your hair will be less tangled, shinier and full of life.

If you can imagine better manageable hair, then imagine THE HEADCASE!

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