Talbot Trail Public School 3.51

4000 Ducharme St.
Windsor, ON N9G 0A1
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Talbot Trail Public School Talbot Trail Public School is one of the popular place listed under School in Windsor , Elementary School in Windsor ,

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Talbot Trail Public School is a public elementary school in Windsor, Ontario. Built in 2005 to ease overcrowding at neighbouring elementary schools, Talbot Trail is known for being the first of several planned "themed" schools to be built in Ontario, and the school's theme of exploration led it to be honoured as one of the Top 25 Schools in Canada by a 2007 edition of Today's Parent magazine.HistoryDuring the 1990s, a housing boom in Windsor lead to rapidly rising enrollment in the region, particularly in elementary schools. By 2000, the problem had become critical, with several area schools housing hundreds more students than their designs called for, and elementary students being temporarily moved to area high schools to ease overcrowding. Consultations with parents and students identified the need for additional schools in the area, and in 2005 these demands culminated with the announcement of Talbot Trail Public School.The groundbreaking, presided over by Windsor mayor Eddie Francis, was financed by issuing $50 million in debt, part of which was also earmarked for Lakeshore Discovery School. Construction took only a single year, coming in both on-time and under-budget, and the first classes were held in the September 2006, 228 students came from Roseland Public School, and more from other schools. The school was the first of several "themed" schools to be built in Essex County; Talbot Trail's was designed by Windsor architects Archon Architect Incorporated was inspired by the idea of "exploration". Called "inspirational" by Today's Parent magazine, the interior of Talbot Trail features a Viking long ship, stonework emulating the Earth's layers, and fiber-optic constellations in the library.The school is also two floors high. Talbot Trail contains an elevator, just like Ecole Ste-Therese also in Windsor, Ontario.

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