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Stop Drop & Wrap Stop Drop & Wrap is one of the popular place listed under Health/beauty in Orillia ,

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A little factoid about fat cells. You are born with all the fat cells your body will ever have. However, fat can expand 1000x its original size. The only way to get completely rid of fat, is to have it cut out - liposuction. This is not recommended. Without a complete lifestyle change, you will still expand in size in different areas. Fat stores toxins. If you force the toxins out, the fat cells can be shrunk. That is what this product does. No anesthesia, no down time, no recovery time, no scars, etc. This is the perfect solution for shrinking fat cells.


The mission of It Works is to help people look younger and live longer and to prosper financially. The It Works product line and business opportunities exemplifies the pursuit of this.


The Ultimate Body Wrap

What is it? - This wrap is an all natural botanical based product. It detoxes, tones, tightens and firms in just 45 minutes. Users have seen a reduction in cellulite, stretch marks, spider veins, etc. This detox product improves the look of skin.

How does it work? - This wrap causes the pores to open up and allow the product to penetrate the skin. It gets right to the fat cells, where it forces toxins out. The toxins are picked up by the blood stream, filtered through the kidneys and eliminated in your urine.

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