Okazu 1.38

85 Downie st.
Stratford, ON N5A

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O-kazu (おかず): a Japanese word meaning "Side Dish." This is Stratford's late-night hot spot for grown ups. Join us for dinner, no reservations required, Thursday-Sunday beginning at 6:00 pm or stop by for an artisan cocktail shaken by Brittany Holmes after hours. This is a place for people who want a little of everything in a luxe environment without having to plan ahead. This is not just a Japanese snack bar, this is a dinner lounge featuring food from around the globe, clarified through a Japanese palate. Think dumplings, think noodle bowls, think not-so-noodle-bowls. The world is our Japanese oyster, and the place is Okazu: snack, drink, repeat.

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