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The Maplelea Girls are from seven different regions of Canada: the West Coast, the Rockies, rural prairies, urban Ontario, the Maritimes, Quebec and northern Canada. Each character has a distinctive personality, strong values and empowering stories to tell. Although these characters celebrate a variety of lifestyles, activities, and interests, they all share a special spirit and imagination, a sense of adventure, and a satisfaction with being just who they are at this time of their lives.

Maplelea Girls� are 46cm (18") vinyl play dolls. The dolls are sculpted by a Canadian artist to look like real Canadian girls. All researching, designing, writing, translating and illustratiing is done by Canadians.

The Maplelea dolls are designed with exceptional detail: their hands can hold a variety of accessories, their hair is long, bountiful and meant to be fashioned in endless styles, and their feet are flat, enabling each doll to "stand on her own two feet". Ball joints at hips and shoulders provide a range of motion, and soft torsos make them comfortable to hold.

Every Maplelea� girl comes dressed in a striking starter outfit in a sturdy decorative storage box with a keepsake journal. A range of clothing and accessories that reflect each Maplelea Girl’s interests and personal fashion style are available, along with furniture and accessories suitable for all characters.

Each doll is accompanied by a 64 page journal. The first half is "written" by the doll character to tell about her family, her interests and the part of Canada she calls home. The second half has questions, prompts and blanks so the real girl can tell her own story.

An extensive array of outfits, accessories and furniture is available, as well as matching clothing for girls.

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