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Richmond Hill, ON
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Learn With Levi Dog Training Learn With Levi Dog Training is one of the popular place listed under Dog Training in Richmond Hill , Pet Services in Richmond Hill ,

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Our philosophy is based on the premise that we should prioritize the relationship we have with our dogs above any other aspect, which in turn helps to expedite the training process substantially. As we all know, dogs have a natural willingness to please, and by focusing on making the training process as fun as possible for both the dog and human, we only strengthen that desire. We call that Relationship Based Training.

At it’s core, Relationship Based Training is a positive reinforcement approach, 100% free of physical correction. We use absolutely no pain, fear, or intimidation to teach a dog, because ultimately those techniques only temporarily suppress unwanted behaviours and damage the relationship between a dog and his people. They do absolutely nothing to build a trusting bond, or teach the dog what is expected. The main difference between classic positive reinforcement and relationship based training, is the heavy reliance on food rewards. We believe it’s important for owners to learn to motivate their dogs with multiple forms of rewards such as toys, personal play, praise and affection in addition to food- but without setting the dog up to only respond with rewards present. Through relationship building activities, dogs learn that having a ton of fun with their families is the best reward.

Nicole has trained over 500 dogs including ones owned by veterinarians, groomers, and other trainers- every breed imaginable from chihuahuas to great danes and everything in between. Puppy basics, to leash reactivity, resource guarding and more.

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