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Would you rather have your money travel south across the border or stay here in our beautiful country and help support Canadian healthcare? Knee Walkers Canada is the only Knee Walker / Knee Scooter rental company that is 100% Canadian owned and operated. A percentage of our revenues go directly to Canadian charities and support Canadian causes.

Knee Walkers Canada recognize that Canadians hate hidden costs! We prefer a quality service that is upfront and honest from the get-go. We've found that a lot of Knee Walker rental companies don't advertise their costs regarding shipping, return shipping, automatic renewal. We offer free delivery shipping and free return shipping so there are no surprises or small print. If you have any questions about your rental call us at 1-844-HURTLEG or check out our FAQ page.

Not sure if a Knee Walker will suit your lifestyle? Knee Walkers Canada is the only Knee Walker rental company in Canada to offer a free trial and 100% money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your Knee Walker or Knee Scooter, or if simply doesn't work for you, notify us within the first three days of your rental, and we will pick-up your scooter at no charge and refund your rental.

Does your family have health benefits? If so Knee Walkers Canada is committed to getting you maximum coverage for your knee scooter rental. We work hand in hand with the insurers to help file a claim and put money back in your pocket as soon as possible. Check out are claims page or call 1-844-HURT-LEG for more details.

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