Lethbridge Ayurveda Centre 2.61

Suite #6, 740 4 Ave S
Lethbridge, AB T1J0N9
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Lethbridge Ayurveda Centre Lethbridge Ayurveda Centre is one of the popular place listed under Health/beauty in Lethbridge , Alternative & Holistic Health in Lethbridge ,

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Ayurveda is the world’s oldest form of holistic medicine. It is a consciousness based system of health that puts emphasis on overall wellbeing of body, mind, and spirit with prevention being a key factor. Using an analogy of watering the roots to nourish the tree, the plant blossoms into healthy flowers and bares fruits, Ayurveda being consciousness based approach with maintaining balance as the primary goal treats all the disorders by focusing on consciousness as foundation through Meditation, Yoga, diet, herbs, lifestyle and Panchakarma.

Originating from two Sanskrit words ayus (“longevity” or “life”) and veda (“knowledge” or "science") Ayurveda is often translated as the science of life. It has been handed down through the ages for over 5000 years. It fills me with great pride to plant the seeds of ancient wisdom and timeless knowledge into the minds of eager students seeking a true pathway of optimal wellness for themselves as well as for others.

Even though Ayurveda originated in India, Ayurveda’s relevance is not about becoming Indian, or eating or living in an Indian way. Ayurveda’s relevance comes from living and eating in harmony with the laws of Nature and your unique constitutional needs.

Here, at the Institute, we have designed our courses to be practical and simplistic while still providing a great depth of knowledge and enlightened understanding of all aspects of this traditional healing modality. Forging a solid foundation upon which to build greater understanding is always our ultimate goal. Through insightful teachings and plenty of hands on experience, we transform laypeople into world-class professionals.

Lethbridge Ayurveda exists to make available the treasure of Ayurveda to all who seek it. Through education and experience, we seek to touch and transform the lives of all who are open to the limitless possibilities of Ayurveda. We are here to help lay the bricks upon the path to wellness and longevity.

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