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Over the years hair extensions have developed new methods of install that use glues, chemicals and heat. This can cause severe damage or even traumatic hair loss issues. Typically women who buy hair extensions want to lengthen their hair or add volume, and after they have removed them, they are left with far more progressed damage then they had before they put their extensions in! I Have been around the industry trying many different types of methods and sourcing many types of hair, and unfortunately this industry is full of secrets and misguide you in todays perceived meaning of " amazing" hair. Having poorly sourced hair can result in the complaint of "dry after I wash it" "tangles easily" "bushy". How awful is that?! you spend so much of your money on these extensions that say they are "real human hair" "virgin" "Remy" when in fact most distributers have no idea what is done to the hair in the factory's, and unfortunately selling poorly sourced hair with no knowledge of it whatsoever! Properly sourced hair is key!! knowing the background in which the hair was processed with allow you to have silky smooth hair for a longer period of time! Making it an investment! That's where HERR EXTENSIONS (tm) come into play! these hair extensions have properly been sourced with a very high reputation! These premium extensions have been prepared so delicately. "Herr Hair(tm)" is made in L.A and used in many movie sets such as " Divergent" :) They have a full cuticle attached and is travelling in its original growth direction! creating movement and silky softness! As for installing your premium extensions, I use absolutely no glues heat or chemicals. I am proficient in utilizing the VOGUEPEARL(tm) technique. A revolutionary install method that can be 100% non damaging to the natural hair! It is low maintenance and the longest lasting install method! I am proud to say I received this education for this technique as I wear them myself and back them up 100%! This method puts little tension onto the natural hair, and provides a comfortable way of living with your new hair extensions! These are the absolute BEST hair extensions I have ever experienced! I hope you can say one day soon that you wear "HERR EXTENSIONS(tm)" using "VOGUEPEARL(tm)" The fastest growing, sought after, hair installation method in the industry today!!! CALL JESSICA AND BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULT TODAY!!! 403 877 6927

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