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When you want satisfaction guaranteed growth, service excellence and sound practical advice from a trusted team of accountants, turn to FinanceDoc. Our expertise is:

Free Consultations:

• We have been in the business of making your money work for you with the best of its ability. We mean money management for more than a decade, and our accountants know how to keep finances in order without any trouble.

• Our free consultations will provide you with a sneak peak in your potential growth areas through transforming your troubled areas of books, accounts and finances into wonder areas. If numbers are not your forte, feel free to request a consultation with a member of our team today.

Accounting (business/ personal):

• Strategic accounts consulting, including new business start-up plan & sales strategy development is something we take pride in. We believe no job is small when it comes to cater your accounting needs. Let us help you work and grow your business without worrying about your accounting. Our professional accountants provide you with the peace of mind you need for increased work or business productivity.

• Income and cash flow statements

• Report preparation

• Financial projections

• Fixed asset management


• Let us handle all of the bookkeeping chores and record hassles. Our advisors are here to boost your business where it’s needed the most. We can provide comprehensive accounting database and books management for better informed personal and business growth needs.

• We provide effective and efficient tax and bookkeeping solutions geared to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses.

Payroll Services:

• Instruction on payroll services setup for prevention of loop holes in all your HR related needs of accounts management. Our payroll management services can be obtained through consultations, expert advice or complete professional management of your employee payrolls for any size of company/ business.

• We can also help you develop the best payroll management plan for your growing needs of employees.

QuickBooks Accounting Services:

• We can use the intuitive QuickBooks software to keep track of every deposit and expense that pertains to your business, big or small. That way, all of your fiscal information is in one secure place. This will come in handy for tax preparation time and in the event that the CRA ever needs additional documentation from you or from your business corporation.

• Set-up of books, training and consultation in QuickBooks accounting software, accounting and internal control systems

Small Business Accounting:

If you run a business in GTA, it can be difficult to find enough time to cater to customers and manage the books. That is where our team can be of service. Business finance development, business growth advice and advice on revenue growth are something we provide for your support and success.

Tax Preparation:

• Tax filing and representation with CRA for all your personal and business needs. We can drive your focus on potential tax benefits and how to maximize your tax returns and refunds. Our professionals believe that every tax return preparation is different and should be customized without any cookie cutter approach in mind. Help us help you get to the benefits you deserve as a tax payer.

• We will conduct a complimentary review of your past Income Tax Returns and file and adjustment if necessary to take a Tax advantage of any missing Credits

• We represent and assist you in your income tax and Government agencies Audit

• Make a personalized Income Tax Plan to reduce future income tax liability.

Business start-up support:

• Advising new businesses of any size on formation of corporations and business structures, drafting privacy policies and structuring commercial transactions is something we can support you with.

• Generate new financial development models for any size of company, including tax accounting analysis are some of the essential needs our team can serve you with compassion and expert advice.

• We help you to get your business started by registering your Corporation, setting up GST, PST, payroll, import/export, WSIB and EHT.

• We also help you develop and execute those one of a kind, practical workable business projections and business plans.

• Monthly payroll register and remittance and annual payroll reporting system development.

• Pay slip or cheques as required, for each employee in your company or organization

• Annual T4 summaries and record of employment (ROE)

Non-Profit Experience:

• Managing the financial capacity building needs of todays not for profit sector is a long haul. Between funding cuts, sponsorship races, donation struggles and making that much needed impact to the community, the least you want to worry about is to keep your financial records straight. We are here to help you develop financial statements, operating budgets and all sorts of accounting/ payroll sheets for all your champions.

• GST, PST, WSIB & EHT returns and remittances

Even if your required services are not mentioned here, please give us a call to find out how can our professional services give a boost to your business through financial management solutions we provide. Call us or email us:

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