BNI Lake Country - Chapter in Orillia 2.34

400 Memorial Ave.
Orillia, ON L3V 6H1
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BNI Lake Country - Chapter in Orillia BNI Lake Country - Chapter in Orillia is one of the popular place listed under Company in Orillia ,

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Values and Benefits of BNI

BNI is the world largest, most effective referral marketing program. BNI provides a positive, supportive, and structured environment for the development and exchange of quality business referrals.

Each chapter welcomes one person per area of specialty to actively promote their business, and fellow members act like an extended sales and marketing team, creating quality referrals through warm introductions to prospective clients.

Networking requires commitment. The most successful chapters of BNI are comprised of participants who are sincerely committed to helping one another grow through effective networking. They are a team. As a participant in BNI, you are responsible for complying with the policies and guidelines of the organization.

BNI’s core philosophy is Givers Gain®, based in the universal law of social reciprocity, essentially: what goes around, comes around. People that GIVE business referrals GET business referrals! Visit one of our chapters to see BNI in action!

Here are just a few of the benefits of BNI:

Increased Visibility, Credibility and PROFITABILITY! Follow the BNI system and you will substantially increase your business by referral.
Does your networking group connect you to over 175,000 other like-minded business professionals who understand that Givers Gain®? Ours DOES! Get involved.
A structured referral marketing program, along with the education and tools needed to leverage the program and successfully grow your business! Education on profit producing presentations. Sharpen your presentation skills!
A network of entrepreneurs and sales professionals who will share their knowledge, connections, energy, passion and compassion.
Regional Results for 2014: Our BNI Ontario Central North Members achieved a 49 times return on investment on average (49 times the annual membership fee).
And much, much more!!!
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